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Wednesday, 26 November 1941

Senator DARCEY (Tasmania) . This afternoon, Senator A. J. McLachlan declared that the English-speaking nations should get together in this crisis. I point out that an association has already appeared in this country which is moving in that direction. However, I should like to warn honorable senators against that movement which is known as Federal Union. An advocate of the movement, which originated in the United States of America, visited Australia, early this year, and complaints were made to the Attorney-General (Dr. Evatt) that he was really a fifth columnist. I give the following details about this movement: -

Federal Union is a scheme hatched in America and is designed, under the cover of war conditions, to bring the British Empire under the complete control of international finance.

Sir VictorSassoon, Jewish financier connected with the Rothschild family, said,vide Brisbane 'Telegraph, of 19th June, 1941 - " A world federation of the democracies with Britain, Australia and Canada becoming part of the United States, was essential ". said the chairman of the E.D. Sassoon Banking Company (Sir Victor Sassoon) who is on his way to Shanghai. " There is no other way to stop Hitlerhe said. "It is now so obvious to the world's business men that a federal alliance is necessary that it hardly bears discussion. England must come into the democracy of the United States with the full right of statehood. It. is also obvious that England must give up her traditions and institutions of government."

Thus Great Britain is to be relegated to the status of an American State.It means the abolition of our monarchy - of our democratic forms of government - of our freedom and liberty and our own British culture, and the substitution therefor of Jewish-American schemes of world slavery of the people.

Dr.Rolland, headmaster of Geelong College, vide SydneyBulletin, of16th July, 1941, said - "I favour absolute union with America even if it means the sacrifice of the British monarchy." And he is still at large.

Senator Sampson - He corrected that; he claimed that he was incorrectly reported.

Senator DARCEY -

Our men are fighting to uphold democracy and our British ideals whilst these advocates of Federal Union, the real fifth columnists in our midst, would sell Australia and the Empire to foreign financiers.

In return for this " American statehood " we would have to surrender our Army, our

Navy and Air Force to the central government, which would bomb into submission any country who dared to question its authority or criticize its methods.

The policy of international financiers is the real cause of war. They create war and then tell us that in order to abolish it we must surrender our Empire to them. Why not, instead, the United States come into the British Commonwealth of Nations?

Federal Union is an insult to our British intelligence. We demand the right to fashion and mould our own destiny according to our own British ideals and traditions, and refuse to become the mechanical robots of the international financiers.

Federal Union propaganda is subversive and seditious, and is an attack upon our King and Empire. If you wish, not only to maintain your King and Empire, but to establish true democracy within our Empire, then assert your rights.

I have said on more than one occasion in this chamber that governments do not really govern, but are subject to a power which is above all governments, and can bend them to its will. That power is represented by men like Sir Victor Sassoon, who is a protege of Mr. Montagu Norman, of the Bank of England, and Mr. Eccles Mariner, of the Central Reserve Bank of the United States of America. It is certainly not. encouraging to feel that the British Empire would in any circumstances pledge itself to Wall-street for the rest of its existence. When the late Mr. Chamberlain, as Prime Minister, was on behalf of Great Britain about to declare war on Germany, he said -

I get great consolation when I think of the financial strength of the British Empire.

We know now that that strength fizzled out within a few months, and that Great Britain had to rely upon the United States of America for its lease-lend assistance. All advances made by the United States of America under that legislation must be met. Indeed, it has already been suggested that some of the islands in the West Indies group should be handed over to the United States of America, as part payment of our commitments under that arrangement. We know that those commitments must be met. We also know that the cost of the present war to England is at the rate of £15,000,000 a day. The people who are advancing that credit dictate the policy of the Bank of England. That policy which, amounts to financial enslavement of the British Empire has been in operation since the Bank of England was established in 1694. I notice from the records of the British House of Commons that the member for Ipswich asked the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir John Simon, to bring in a bill to alter the charter of the Bank of England, and to conduct an inquiry with a view to finding out who controlled the operations of that bank. I bring these matters to the notice of honorable senators because they have caused considerable uneasiness among those who understand the situation. Because of the tremendous indebtedness of Great Britain to Wall-street, wo should ensure that the Empire shall not be enslaved by American financiers. Such a plan should be exposed. It is an attempt to force the British Monarchy out of existence, and to make Great Britain a vassal state of the United States of America. I hope that honorable senators will take notice of this important matter. I have here all the authorities for my statements. The matter was brought to the notice of the former Attorney-General (Mr. Hughes), to whom it was suggested that this subversive influences of certain individuals should be counteracted.

I draw attention also to the need for housing throughout the Commonwealth to-day. I have received a circular from the Association of Co-operative Building Societies in Sydney stating -

At a recent conference of tlie above association representing some 200 societies, it was resolved that a plan be adopted to assist in solving the evils attendant on the housing shortage - particularly amongst the workers. Tlie following submissions arc therefore conveyed for your urgent and favorable consideration : -

1.   That the Com mon wealth and State authorities affirm that as the housing position is so serious and is so closely related to defence, it be given No. 1 place on the Priority List for man-power and materials - after actual defence needs.

2.   To the extent that mcn and materials can be made available to satisfy the demand for the construction of homes - finance be made available through the Commonwealth Bank as a matter of national policy.

Over and over again I have pointed out to honorable senators that the Commonwealth Bank can make ample credit available for housing. I also draw attention to the fact that the Lyons Government passed a bill authorizing the expenditure of £20,000,000 on a Commonwealth housing scheme. Of that sum less than £1,000,000 has been expended. That money is still available, and I hope that the Government will give some consideration to the needs of the people who urgently need homes. This evening I visited the Causeway at Canberra. It was my first visit to that suburb, and I was astounded to see the hovels in which the people live. It is estimated that in Canberra alone 400 more houses are required. The circular continues -

3.   Having due regard to paragraph 2, that in so far as Co-operative Building Societies can use finance for the building of homes for applicants with 10 per cent, deposit (with preference for war workers) it be made available to such societies at a low roto of interest.

4.   That the co-operative method of home purchase be adopted as the medium for those who are able to provide an equity and meet repayments based on a 21 -year and 28-year period.

5.   That the steady provision of homes through Co-operative Building Societies will permanently relieve the situation in connexion with problems such as overcrowding, substandard homes, &c.-

It has been stated that slums in Sydney are as bad as those in any part of the world. The circular continues -

Thu association contends that housing of workers is closely related to defence and claims that the utilization of Co-operative Building Societies will lift a burden from the shoulders of the governments. Co-operative Building Societies arc self-supporting, self-reliant, decentralized and entirely free from the potential evils arising out of bureaucratic control.

Tt is also submitted that finance car-marked for housing of this nature does not detract from the war effort but is complementary to it: that it will add to the stability of the economic system by the creation of real wealth and to the national morale by the elimination of discontent caused by the present housing conditions. '

The Joint Committee on Social Security is now inquiring into various social improvements. The circular also states that-

The creation of universal home ownership as a right and not a privilege of the workers will also be of the utmost value to the morale of the nation.

I am pleased to have been able to direct the attention of honorable senators to the sensible statements contained in the circular I have just read.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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