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Friday, 21 November 1941

Senator CAMERON (Victoria) (Minister for Aircraft Production) . - Two aspects of this measure deserve consideration, namely, the humanitarian and the economic. I propose to deal first with the humanitarian aspect, and to show that the Leader of the Opposition (Senator McLeay) in his speech this morning has run true to form. His appeal to the Government did not contain one atom of humanitarianism. His speech savoured of an appeal to savages to allow the old people to starve. Apparently in the honorable senator's estimation the aged are' unworthy of the slightest consideration. After they have toiled all their lives, created vast profits for their employers, and have been fooled, ruled, and robbed from the cradle to the grave, they are to be denied mere sustenance. Now that they are no longer profitable to their employers, and are obliged to ask for something to sustain them in their declining years, the Leader of the Opposi0tion would not give them anything. He discards them as if they were not worth a second thought, and looks forward to the time when- their children will grow up and be exploited as their fathers hare been. That is the outlook of a savage; it is in accordance with the ethics of the wolf pack. When the aged male wolf which has Icd. the pack and protected the young, year in. and year out, becomes too feeble to afford protection, TIle pack turns upon Lim and devours him. Here we have that attitude exemplified in genus homo, and personified in Senator McLeay.

Senator Arthur - The Leader of the Opposition spoke for the United. Australia party.

Senator CAMERON - Of course he did. From the day the Labour party first advocated invalid, and old-age pensions, tlie party to which, the Leader of the Opposition lends his support has opposed them. However, we have succeeded, year after year, in breaking down that opposition to some degree.

Senator McLeay - I rise to a point of order. I suggest that you, Mr. President, should ask the honorable senator to speak the truth.

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