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Wednesday, 29 October 1941

Senator CLOTHIER (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) - Will the Minister representing the Minister for Commerce state what action, if any, the Government has taken regarding the appraisement of wool at Albany this season?

SenatorFRASER. - by leave- The Government has given consideration to the matter of conducting wool appraisements at Albany in connexion with the scheme of war-time acquirement of the Australian wool clip by the United Kingdom Government.

This matter was considered on several occasions prior to the advent to office of the present Ministry, and, in dealing with it, the Government had before it the decision of the previous Government, given on the 1st October, when it was decided that, in the interests of decentralization, appraisements should be carried out at Albany under the following conditions: -

(a)   that 14,000 bales should be appraised at Albany this season ;

(b)   that brokers be recouped the reasonable cost of putting the stores at Albany in order, to deal with such quantity of wool;

(c)   that growers of wool outside the zone determined for the Albany district, who had to pay a heavier freight on wool toFremantle, and also those growers within the zone where the normal freight to Albany was less than to Fremantle, but who, owing to limitation of offerings, could not send their wool to Albany, should be charged freight at the same rate as to Albany;

(d)   that, should overseas shipping not be provided at Albany, the Commonwealth Government would accept the responsibility for the paymentof freight on wool from Albany to Fremantle during the period of the appraisement scheme.

The Government has decided to abide by that decision. The Central Wool Committee hasbeen advised of the Government's decision, and the Western Australian wool-sellingbrokers have also been notified, so that early steps could be taken to receive within the defined zone at Albany the present season's clip. It is understood that one wool-selling firm, viz., Westralian Farmers Limited, has applied to the Central Wool Committee for a licence in terms of National Security (Wool) Regulation No. 25. and will shortly be authorized to receive wool into its stores at Albany for appraisement.

The Government hopes that other woolselling brokers operating in Western Australia will take immediate steps to obtain a licence in order to receive wool from their clients in the zone arranged. Any delay in receiving wool at Albany for appraisement from clients of these firms can be attributable only to their own tardiness in not taking steps to secure the necessary authority from the Central Wool Committee.

With regard to the renovations to stores and dumping equipment, &c, at Albany, the Government considers that it should be possible for the four woolselling brokers concerned to make some mutual arrangement for dealing with the 14,000 bales through interchange of the accommodation and equipment. By adopting such a procedure expense would be saved, repair work reduced, and an early start made with the handling of this season's clip.

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