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Wednesday, 8 October 1941

Senator KEANE (Victoria) (Minister for Trade and Customs) .- I move -

That the bill be now read a second time.

Supply Acts Nos. 1 and 2 appropriated revenue for services of the Commonwealth up to the 31st October, 1941. The Government proposes that Parliament shall adjourn for three weeks, and on resumption the financial proposals of the Government will be submitted. In the circumstances, a Supply Bill is now introduced to cover requirements for a further two months, November and December.

The total amount proposed to be appropriated by this bill is £16,221,000 under the following main heads : -


With the exception of the Defence provision, the amounts included in the bill are based on rates of expenditure approved in the appropriation for 1940-41. In a number of isolated cases where the expenditure is heavier in the early part of the year the proportion of half of last year's appropriation has been exceeded. This is done only in the cases of services which have already been approved in previous years.

The amounts in the bill sought to he appropriated -for defence and war services together with those voted in previous Supply acts, represent the sum which, it is estimated, will be available from revenue receipts for the first half of the year, after making allowance for other commitments. In addition to the Defence expenditure from revenue, there will also be expenditure from loan which will be covered by loan appropriations made and to be made.

The form of the proposed defence votes has been altered in accordance with the change proposed in the published Estimates. All the Defence votes have been consolidated in one group instead of appearing in detail as divided between revenue and loan funds. The amount of £93,487,000 for Defence services shown on page 2 of the bill represents the estimated gross defence expenditure for the six months ended the 3lst December, 1941, less the amounts, approximately £13,000,000, already voted from revenue by Supply Acts Nos. 1 and 2. The figure of £82,604,000 represents the proportion of the gross Defence expenditure which will be charged to loan fund.

Provision is made under the head " Advance to the Treasurer " for a further £1,000,000, being the total for the six months of £6,000,000. This amount is necessary to meet services which will be covered in the main by other appropriations not yet made. In particular, the heaviest temporary charges to Treasurer's advance are in respect of Commonwealth works and payments to the States, all of which will later be covered by the usual appropriation acts. Except in the case of defence and war services, no provision is made in the bill for any new expenditure.

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