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Thursday, 25 September 1941

Senator FOLL - The Minister for the Army has supplied the following answers : -

1.   The number of members of rifle clubs from various States who have enrolled in the Volunteer Defence Corps is as follows: -


Owing to the rifle clubs having been placed in recess, it has been found difficult to obtain accurate and complete reports.

It is anticipated that the approval which has recently been given for rifle club members to be enrolled supernumerary to the establishment of the Volunteer Defence Corps may result in further substantial numbers joining the corps.

2.   Consideration is being given to an increase in the establishment of the Volunteer Defence Corps so that it may perform adequately the defence role which has been assigned to it. It will be appreciated, however, that it will not be the policy to increase the strength of the Volunteer Defence Corps in remote localities where its services are not likely to be required, merely on account of the fact that suitable personnel happen to be available. The normal role of the corps is static defence of vulnerable points, installations, &c, at or adjacent to the area in which members of the various sub-units reside.

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