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Thursday, 28 August 1941


Senator AMOUR -. - These men have a great admiration for Hitler; they regard him as the beacon light of the world. How long are they to be allowed to have charge of Australian soldiers? lt is dangerous, as well as undemocratic, to continue them in their present positions.

It is not right that under the Home Security Regulations a man's home may be entered and searched without a warrant. It may lead to all sorts of happenings. I am fearful that the Lloyds, Campbells and de Groots in the community will some day bring off a coup. Only a fool would have clone what de Groot did on the day of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He was in his right place when in a mental asylum.

Senator Spicer - How long was he there?

Senator Keane - Not long enough.

Senator AMOUR - If the Government desires harmony among the people of Australia, it should make it clear that it is opposed to Nazism in every form, that it has no faith in the de Groots in the community, and is determined to get rid of the Fascists among us. Until that has been done, Australia cannot be said to be doing its job properly.

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