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Friday, 27 June 1941

Senator GRANT (Tasmania.) .- I feel deeply the eulogistic remarks of the Leader of the 'Senate (Senator McLeay) and the Leader of the Opposition (Senator Collings), concerning the serviceI have been privileged to render in the Senate for some years. I sincerely thank the Government,and also the Opposition, for their kindness to me during my illness and I make special acknowledgment of the generosity of the Leader of the Opposition in arranging a pair for me whenever I have needed it. The fact that such action is usual does not lessen my appreciation of it for I have often required a pair during the past threeyears. I have felt very much the kindness of the Leader of the Opposition in meeting me onevery occasion in this regard, and I shall always remember it.

Senator Collings - All the members of my party agree with what was done.

Senator GRANT - I express my thanks to you, Mr. President, and to all the members of the Senate for their uniform courtesy and kindness to me during my membership of the Senate. Although some of us differ politically, such differences do not affect the personal friendships' which we form and I trust that I may call all who are now members of the Senate my personal friends. We have our individual political ideas, and I respect the views of members of the Opposition as I am sure they respect mine. I am leaving the Senate with great regret. I have been a member of it for many years, and had hoped to finish my career whilst still associated with it. Owing to indifferent health, I have not been in a position to give my best service to the State which I have had the honour to represent for so long, and I thought that it was time for me to make way for a representative who would perhaps be able to render better and more effective service than I. I have to thank the Hansard staff for' the way in which they have reported my speeches in this chamber. Perhaps I have not always used classical English. I may have often employed good Australian instead, but my speeches have read practically as well as those of more fluent members of this chamber. The officers and officials of the Senate have been of great assistance to me, as to other senators, and I thank them also. We have to depend on them frequently for advice, and this has always been freely given. I wish the Senate Godspeed in its work, and leave with it my best wishes and also the clear conviction that senators will continue to uphold the honour and dignity of the chamber to which we have all been so proud to belong.

The PRESIDENT (Senator the Hon. J. B. Hayes). - I endorse the remarks of the Leader of the Senate (Senator McLeay) and the Leader of the Opposition (Senator Collings) regarding the retiring senators, and I wish them well. I particularly desire to refer to my old colleague, Senator Grant. I am sorry that he is leaving this Parliament. He is held in the highest esteem, both in Tasmania and in Canberra. He has done outstanding work in the Commonwealth and Tasmanian Parliaments, and I am glad to join in the expressions ofgoodwill and friendship towards him. As I have reached the end of the three years for which I was elected as President of the Senate, I thank senators on both sides of the chamber for their kindly assistance in enabling me to discharge my presidential duties. I owe a great deal to senators on both sides of the chamber, and I appreciate their kindness and co-operation.' I thank the Clerk of the Senate (Mr. Broinowski), Mr. Edwards, Mr.' Loof and others, for the great assistance they have given to me. I also thank the Hansard staff and the other officers of the Senate for their helpful work.

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