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Friday, 27 June 1941

Senator FOLL - I have been in five departments, and I have never yet had that experience.

Senator BROWN - I am not saying that it is true. I recognize that, although the Minister has time to devote to the affairs of companies of which he is a director, he is a hard worker in the Government. But is the honorable member for Barker right?

Senator FOLL (QUEENSLAND) - It is an amazing statement to me.

Senator BROWN - If the honorable gentleman is wrong, the Government should publicly deny the statement and brand him as a liar. That is my view.

The PRESIDENT (Senator the Hon. J. B. Hayes) -Order! The honorablesenator i3 not in order in referring to amember of the House of Representatives in that manner.

Senator BROWN - Well, Mr. Presi dent, I believe in speaking straight from the shoulder. When a man is telling an untruth, I am not going to say, as Mr. Churchill did, during a debate on the Chinese in South Africa, that some one had been guilty of a terminological inexactitude. . We want the truth. If a statement is not' true, it is a lie, and the man who utters it is a liar. It may be that when the honorable member for. Barker was in the Ministry, he could not find work to do. I do not know the honorable gentleman's motives in making the statement. Perhaps he is angry because he is not now a member of the Ministry. However, I shall leave the question of whether Mr. Archie Cameron was or was not telling the truth and turn now to the honorable member for Parkes (Sir Charles Marr). This is another question of great importance." What can I say to the people when they point out to me that in the House of Representatives, on the 26th June, the honorable member for Parkes made what can only be regarded as a most amazing and staggering revelation and one which ideals one of the heaviest blows to recruiting that we have had.

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