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Friday, 27 June 1941

Naval Recruiting Office,

Cliff-street, Fremantle, 13th June, 1941.

With reference to your recent application for entry into the Royal Australian Naval Forces, you are advised that your application' has received full consideration, but. it is regretted that you were not selected to fill one of the available vacancies. You are sincerely thanked for your offer, and whilst this Service was not able to make use of your services, it is suggested that you get in touch with one of the other Defence Forces.

He was not examined either medically or educationally. Yet Australia is at war!

Senator Foll - Did he have an interview with any authority?

SenatorFRASER. - He obtained the application form from the naval depot. He had passed the educational test of the sixth standard in the State. A month or six weeks ago, a few young lads were charged with having stolen apples.

The magistrate in the Children's Court, Mr. Schroder, refused to impose a fine, because it was put to him that a penalty of any sort would destroy any . chance that these young people had of enlisting in either th® Royal Australian Air Force or the Royal Australian Navy.

Senator Cameron - But not the Australian Imperial .Force.

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