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Thursday, 26 June 1941

Senator AYLETT (Tasmania) . - AmI to understand from the reply of the Minister (Senator Leckie) that the Deputy Prices Commissioners in the various States have intervened simultaneously to fix the price of hay throughout Australia, or is this an isolated case applying only to Tasmania? The Minister's reply indicates that these commissioners are under the control of this Parliament: ' I" take it that

Professor Copland was appointed under theNational Security Act as Prices Commissioner for Australia, and that he has delegated certain powers to deputy com- missioners in the several States. If that be not correct, I desire to know under whose control are Professor Copland and his deputy commissioners. - Senator LECKIE (Victoria- Minister for Aircraft Production-) [11.22}. - by leave - If thehonorable senator will look again' at the answer to his first question, he will sec that it states that hay is not a declared commodity. Therefore, the Commonwealth Prices Commissioner has no legal authority to enforce any price in respect of hay. His intervention is an indication to' the people concerned that should the price of this commoditybe raised beyond what is considered reasonable, hay may become a declared commodity, in' which event the Prices Commissioner would have full power to fix its price.

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