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Thursday, 26 June 1941

Senator AMOUR (NewSouthWales) . -The Leader of the Senate (Senator McLeay) has stated that the Government has appointed certain standing and parliamentary committees'. Indoing so, it has not acted in an entirely democratic way, in that it has assumed the right to appoint the chairmen of these committees. "Would it not have been wiserto. have allowed the committees' to elect their own chairmen? I. say nothing against those who have been appointed, as chairmen, but I believe that the mak ingoftheappointmentbyeachcom- mitteewouldhavebeenmoreinhar- monywiththespiritofco-operation betweentheGovernmentandtheLabour party.Idonotconsiderthatthechair- manship of everycommitteeshouldbe occupied, . by either- aGovernment - or a Labour member; but there shouldbe no suspicion -that theGovernment, desires to havethe -principal voice on all the committees", -and- that, itdiscountsthecooperation of the. Labour party.Itrust thattheLeaderoftheSenatewillseefit to ask the Prime Minister to -reconsider this matter.

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