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Thursday, 29 May 1941

The following papers were pre sented : -

National Security Act - National Security (Rabbit Skins) Regulations- NoticeSuspension of Regulations.

Nauru - Ordinance No.1 of 1941 - . Cemeteries.

Air Force Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1941, Nos.68, 106.

Arbitration (Public Service) Act - Determinations by the Arbitrator, &c. -

No.6 of 1941 - Arms, Explosives and Munition Workers' Federation of Australia.


No. 2 - (Medical Benefits and Hospitals Ordinance).

No. 3 - (Medical Benefits Tax Ordinance).

No.5 - (Aboriginals Ordinance).

Quarantine Act- Regulations - Statutory

Rules 1941, No. 83.

Seat of Government Acceptance Act and Seat of Government (Administration) Act - Ordinance No. 3 of 1941- Scaffolding and Lifts.

Superannuation Act - Eighteenth Annual Report of the Superannuation Board, for year 1939-40.

Wine Grapes Charges Act - Regulations - Statutory Rules 1941, No. 101.

Senate adjourned at 4.28 p.m. till Wednesday, the 25th June next, at 3 p.m., unless the President shall, prior to that date, by telegram or letter addressed to each senator, fix an earlier day of meeting.

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