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Wednesday, 2 April 1941

liven i.f the father is perfect and brings every penny home - even though the mother bo the best of managers - the laws of arithmetic are too much for them. It is impossible to make thu same amount of money do for a family of six or eight what it will for one of two or four. "Margarine looks like butter, and flannelette like flannel, but they do not give thu some nourishing and warming qualities."

First and second babies are spotless and well cared for, but the later-comers have to put up with the limp and faded cast-offs of their predecessors. Everything in fact, that the third, fourth., and fifth child consumes - its food., clothing, bedding, soup, and even its mother's cart! - is filched from a supply which seemed only just to go round before it caine. How many clever elder children have had to go to work at fourteen because of the need to add to the father's wage instead of being able to continue at school? The unemployment rations, unsatisfactory though they are in some ways, are given in accordance with the number of members in a family - the vaunted Family Wage is not.

It is not for nothing that the birth rate is decreasing, and that the knowledge of coining maternity fills .parents with despair. " How shall we "feed it?"

Finally, I express my gratification that this bill, belated as it is, has been introduced. I assure the Government that the Opposition will enable the measure to be passed with the celerity it deserves.

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