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Thursday, 27 March 1941

Senator McLEAY - The Minister for Commerce has supplied the following answers : -

1.   The personnel of the Australian Wheat Board is as follows: - Sir Clive McPherson chairman; Mr. E. Field, Mr. D. L. Clarke, Mr. F. H. M. Cullen, Mr. J. W. Diver, representing wheat-growers; Mr. H. G. Darling, Mr. J. S. Cameron, representing wheat merchants; Mr. J. Gatehouse, representing millers; Mr. J. S. Teesdale, Mr.1A. C. Tilt, representing wheat-marketing pools; Mr. R. Hamblin. representing bulk-handling authorities.

2.   Salary or fees payable to each member are as follows:- Sir Olive McPherson, £750 per annum (not drawn) ; Messrs. Field, Clarke, Cullen and Diver, £500 per annum'; other members, fee of £5 5s. lor each day of attendance at a sitting of the board. (Some fees not drawn.)

3.   Allowances payable to each member are as follows: - (o) Travelling allowance of £2 2s. a day is payable to members of the board other than Messrs. Field, Clarke, Cullen and Diver. This allowance ia payable when members of the board are obliged to be absent from their homes overnight in connexion with attendance at 'board meetings or in business connected with the board; (6) fares actually and necessarily; incurred in travelling to the place of meeting or on the business of the board, are paid to all members.

4.   The total fees and travelling allowances of members of the board from January. 1940, to December. 1940, were £4,810 10s. 9d.

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