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Wednesday, 26 March 1941

Senator COLLINGS - I am not a candidate for membership of the commission. I have not the qualifications for the work, but, even so, I could do a better job than some of the members of the commission. In order to emphasize the necessity for the Government to take complete control of this great activity I shall read the following list of office-holders in New South Wales under the commission : -

C.   J. A. Moses, general manager ; T. W. Bearup, Federal supervisor: Dr. Barry (a medical man), controller of programmes: Mr. Sibary, assistant controller of programmes; Mr. W. Donelly, programme director; Mr. James, controller of music; Mr. Ewart Chappele, assistant controller of music; Mr. Himmer, controller of celebrity concerts; Mrs. Clark, publicity officer; Mr. Hughes Hal hit, liaison officer; Mr. G. Spencer, gramophone officer; Mr. Bernett, concert manager: Mr. Leggett, Federal sports manager; Mr. Molesworth, talks editor; Mr. Bronner, educational editor; Mr. Sullivan, talks editor; Mr. Barton, educational editor; Mr. Darling, technical officer; Mr. Fraser, musical arranger; Mr. Cross, assistant musical arranger; Mr. Lawrence, assistant musical arranger; Mr. Lamb, correspondence clerk: Mr. Denison, legal advisor; Mr. Holman, secretary; Mr. Kirk, manager for New South Wales; Mr. Wells, correspondence clerk; Mr. G. Scott, studio supervisor; Mr. Dibley, assistant studio supervisor; Mr. Hall, technical advisor; Mr. Alex Gordon (son of Lady Gordon), announces continuity; Mr. Cecil, producer; Mr. Wheeler, producer; Mr. Russell Scott, producer; Mr. S. Wheeler, continuity writer; Mr. MacDonald, assistant continuity writer; Miss Ross, publicity officer; Mr. Kerr, sports talk supervisor; Mr. Deens, news editor; Mr. Murphy, assistant news editor ; Mrs. Moore, women's talks editor and selector of men announcers; Mr. Clewlow, Federal plays, and Mrs. Watts, hostess.

I have met the- general manager, Mr. Moses. As the result of conversations I have had with him, I think that he is the right man in the right place. The list I read is certainly imposing. I am not a judge of the qualifications of these officials, and I do not criticize them in any way. All I say is that the list is sufficient to indicate the importance of broadcasting operations. It justifies my contention that this activity should be completely under the control of the Government.

I regret that the Government does not propose under the bill to effect a complete re-organization of the Australian Broadcasting Commission. We must accept the measure because it goes a step in the direction we desire. However, I hope that the day is not far distant when this Government will see the wisdom of taking full control of all radio activity in this country. If it does not do so, then I hope that a government of another kind will soon effect this long-overdue reform.

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