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Friday, 27 August 1937

Senator Sir GEORGE PEARCE (West ern Australia) (Minister for External Affairs) [11.32].- I move-

That the hill be now read a second time.

The purpose of this bill is the same as that of the measure with which the Senate has just dealt, but in the dried fruits industry many more unnaturalized aliens are engaged than in dairying. The Dried Fruits Export Control Board consists of one member appointed by the Governor-General as the representative of the Commonwealth Government; two representatives elected by growers in the State of Victoria, and one representative elected by growers in each of the States of New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australia and two members with commercial experience appointed by the Governor-General.

As does the bill of which the Senate has just approved, this measure contains a provision setting out the manner in which the roll shall be compiled. All the arguments which I have advanced in support of the other measure apply to this bill, but with greater force, because of the greater number of unnaturalized aliens in this industry, particularly in certain districts, in one at least of which their number are almost sufficient to sway the election. The bill not only affects the right to vote, but also guards against the possibility of unnaturalized aliens being elected to the board.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Bill read a second time, and reported from committee without amendment or debate; report adopted.

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