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Friday, 27 August 1937

Senator JAMES McLACHLAN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) . - Can the leader of the Senate give us any indication of the number of persons who will be affected by this provision? So far as I am aware, comparatively few persons are involved, and therefore it seems to be rather paltry to single them out, as is done in this measure. Doubtless there is some more important reason for this amendment than appears on the surface of it. At the present time a minor, if he were a dairyman, would be given a vote, and possibly a person who is not a British subject would also be eligible; but the numbers must be very few.

Senator SirGEORGE PEARCE (Western Australia - Minister for External Affairs) [11.25]. - I assure the Honorable senator that the Government has not acted without advice on this matter. Although comparatively few persons will be affected by the provisions of this bill, ;i. considerable number will be affected by a similar measure, which will presently lie before the Senate. If it were not for this provision there would be sufficient unnaturalized aliens in some areas of Australia to decide an election for the Dried Fruits Export Control Board.

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