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Friday, 27 August 1937

Senator ABBOTT (New South Wales) . - I understand that the law of some foreign countries takes no cognizance of the fact that their nationals have become naturalized Australian citizens. That is to say, the status of such persons, so far as the laws of those countries are concerned, remains unaltered. For that reason we should not encourage a person to become a voter in Australia for the purpose of exercising a voice in the control of an important industry if he be still subject to the law of the land of his birth. He may be conscripted by the other government for service abroad. Before a person is permitted to exercise a vote in connection with the direction of any Australian industry he should be wholly an Australian citizen; he should become assimilated in the Australian community so that ultimately his descendants will lose their foreign identity and associations. If it be too late now to consider that matter in con- nexion with this bill, I .hope that the Government will give attention to it in the future, and make special enquiries to determine what nations insist that their nationals, even though they become naturalized citizens of another country, shall retain their original nationality.

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