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Wednesday, 25 August 1937

Senator BROWN (QUEENSLAND) - I direct the attention of the Leader of the Senate to the following statement which was published in the Townsville Bulletin on the 29th July : -


Ordinance Criticized.

Canberra, July 27, 1937. " If Australians read in the newspapers that twenty Germans were not allowed to meet to discuss public affairs, they would gasp with amazement, yet the same thing was happening in the capital of their own country ", said Mr.E. Hughes, former president of the Canberra Australian Workers Union, and son of the Federal Minister for Health (Mr. W. M. Hughes), criticizing the Unlawful Assemblies Ordinance promulgated last week.

This is " Hitlerism", naked and unashamed, enforced by a deliberate decree in the national capital.

Can the right honorable gentleman tell me why this ordinance was promulgated? Was there some fear that the unemployed, or some other body, would commence a revolutionary outbreak ?

Senator Sir GEORGEPEARCE The area of the Federal Capital Territory is 900 square miles. In8997/2 miles of that area public meetings may be held. The only portion of the Territory in which public meetings may not be held is that adjoining the precincts of this Parliament House. If the honorable senator wishesto inform himself of the terms of the ordinance I advise him to read it; it is self-explanatory.

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