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Thursday, 1 July 1937

The PRESIDENT - I am waiting for the honorable senator to indicate his personal relationship to the matter.

Senator BROWN - I am closely related to the Labour party, and that party is affected by this misrepresentation. I conceive it to bo only fair that the real reason should be given for the action taken the other night. It was, that the Government had delayed calling Parliament together until the Supply granted to it was almost exhausted, and then proposed to rush through a Supply Bill in order that public servants and others might not be penalised, although it had had six months in which to prepare and bring forward its legislation.

The PRESIDENT - Order ! The honorable senator must understand that he cannot exceed the bounds of the order of leave. He hasbeen given leave to make a statement for a specific reason, and if he exceeds it the responsibility for what follows must rest on him. His remarks will not be in order unless he show's that he has been personally misrepresented or misreported.

Senator BROWN - On several occasions the Leader of the Senate has made statements in refutation of misrepresentation.

The PRESIDENT - In those cases the misrepresentation was personal.

Senator Sir George Pearce - And it related to the business of this Senate.

Senator BROWN - I was under the impression that an honorable senator might make a statement in regard to misrepresentation-

The PRESIDENT - Regarding himself.

Senator BROWN - Regarding anything that affected him as a member of this Senate. I claim that privilege.

The PRESIDENT - So also could the other 35 members of the Senate.

Senator BROWN - I am not preventing them from doing so.

The PRESIDENT - My duty would be to do so. The Standing Orders must be observed.

Senator BROWN - I say that the press report is untrue. There is no discord in the ranks of the Labour party. The reason for the action which it took is that which I have stated.

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