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Thursday, 1 July 1937

Senator BROWN (QUEENSLAND) - by leave - I desire to direct the attention of the Senate to a report that appeared in the press yesterday, not only because it must have had a disturbing effect on the minds of honorable senators opposite, but also because it is untrue. The report in question states that there is grave discord in the ranks of the Labour party and that that discord was responsible for the adoption of stonewalling tactics. The impression conveyed to the public by this gross misrepresentation is that there is disunity in the ranks of the Labour party. I am very pleased to be able this morning to disabuse the minds of honorable senators opposite on that point. There is absolutely no disunity in the Labour party.

Senator Dein - And no unity.

Senator BROWN - That, I believe, is merely a philosophical observation. There is absolute unity.

Senator Crawford - Is thehonorable senator referring to the position in this Parliament?

Senator BROWN - In this Parliament and generally throughout the country. Disunity was not the reason for the stonewalling tactics adopted.

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