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Wednesday, 30 June 1937

Senator J V MACDONALD (QUEENSLAND) . - Apparently, Senator Payne has adopted the role of Leader of the Sena te, and he should be on the Min.isterial bench. He thinks it necessary to challenge the accuracy of statements I made yesterday. Obviously, the honorable senator did not hear the whole of my speech, and therefore has been guilty of serious misrepresentation. "When I mentioned this subject yesterday, I cited two reliable authorities, Captain Frank Hurley, who is well known in Australia-

Senator Payne - On what date did that gentleman make a statement?

Senator J V MACDONALD (QUEENSLAND) - An article appeared in the Brisbane Telegraph on Monday of this week; therefore my information is up-to-date.

Senator Payne - Captain Hurley has not been there recently.

Senator J V MACDONALD (QUEENSLAND) - He has. The other authority was Mr. J. Brand, the owner of a pearling lugger at Thursday Island. Had the honorable senator read the whole of my speech, he would know that the information I gave was based on statements made by two reputable men. These gentlemen gave some startling facts which were new to me, and I suggested that the governmental authorities could well inquire into the position. Senator Payne may he right in saying that a majority of the luggers are owned by Australians, but. they are manned by Japanese crews or half-castes. As my remarks were based on paragraphs which appeared in recent issues of the Brisbane Telegraph and the Sydney Daily Telegraph, both reputable papers, the honorable senator must have heard my reference to Captain Hurley.

Senator Payne - I dealt only with the portion of the honorable senator's speech which I read.

Senator J V MACDONALD (QUEENSLAND) - The crews of pearling luggers owned and manned by Japanese have been guilty of interfering with native women. The statements made by the men I havĀ« mentioned are to the effect that 1,500 aliens are working on vessels in northern waters, a fact which I do not think is contained in any official document. There was no provocation to Japan in anything I said.

Senator Payne - The vessels alleged to be poaching are owned by Australians.

Senator J V MACDONALD (QUEENSLAND) - If Senator. Payne and other honorable senators interested will read the whole of my speech on this subject, they will realize that I made a fair statement of the position.

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