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Wednesday, 23 June 1937

Senator BRENNAN (Victoria) (Assistant Minister) . - I commence by congratulating the mover and seconder of the motion for the adoption of the

Address-in-Reply upon -the manner in which they treated the subject entrusted to them. Of course, we claim that we provided them with some good material for a speech. We contend that the GovernorGeneral's Speech was an inspiring record of work well done, and of encouraging promises for the future.

Senator Collings - That is the first time I have heard it suggested that the Governor-General's Speech is an inspiring document.

Senator BRENNAN - I realize that the Speech is not pleasing to the Leader of the Opposition, but his disapproval, I suggest, is one of the best tributes to its worth. The more he criticizes the Speech, the more certain we may feel that, whether considered as a record or a forecast, it contains nothing that will be an inspiration to him or to his party. My honorable friend dealt in detail with several subjects mentioned in the GovernorGeneral's Speech, and early in his remarks, touched on the subject of loyalty in his accustomed manner. The leopard, it has been said, cannot change its spots. Accordingly, it was not long before we had convincing evidence of the honorable gentleman's real sentiments. They came out not so much in his prepared utterances as in his unrehearsed outpourings. He displayed plainly that lack of loyalty to existing institutions which is so much a part of his political make-up. I think we can say that, whether in connexion with Australia, the land of his adoption, or in connexion with the Empire of which Australia forms a part, and of which he is a citizen, the honorable gentleman's real sentiments of disloyalty to existing institutions are constantly disclosed.

Senator Collings - The honorable senator cannot cite one instance of that.

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