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Wednesday, 23 June 1937

Monday. "If you vote against a 40-hour week in the textile industry, you are helpless," said the New Zealand Minister for Labour (Mr. ArmStrong) at a debate by the Textile Convention at the International Labour Office here to-day. " When hours were reduced to 40 a week in New Zealand," he went on, " the people's income increased 20 per cent., amounting to £14,000,000a year.

This resulted in an enormous increase in the demand for goods. New Zealand is prosperous to-day because of the increased spending power of the community.

In addition, tens of thousands of boys and girls leaving school are now absorbed in industry instead of walking the streets.

The Conservatives do not dare to repeal the 40-hour week."

What New Zealand has done, the Commonwealth Government can do in Australia, and if a Labour Government is returned to office at the next Federal elections it will follow New Zealand's example.

Senator Sir George Pearce - Why does not Queensland institute a 40-hour working week?

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