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Tuesday, 22 June 1937

Within four years Germany will be independent of the good, or badwill of other countries, the Chancellor, Herr Hitler, said in u speech at Breslau.

Within eighteen months, he said, due to the production of vegetable and coal spirit, Germany would be freed of the need to import benzine..

While 32,000,000 lb. of cellulose wool had been produced by Germany last year, this year's output " would be 80,000,000 to 100,000,000 lb., and next year's 140,000,000 to 100,000,000 lb.

This shows what is going on in the world ; yet this Government takes no cognizance of the trend of events.

I endorse the statement of my Leader (Senator Collings) that all forms of production in Australia must be organized on a national basis; that if Australia is to achieve its destiny Parliament must be paramount over financial institutions and big industrial concerns ; that in short, our system of parliamentary democracy must be the dominant factor in our continued social evolution. If Parliament fails in its duty and allows the financial and industrial institutions to assume control, our system of responsible government may be displaced by a dictatorship. The Labour party is fully cognizant of the need of the times. It believes that, without further loss of time, proposals for a planned economy covering a fixed term of years, should be placed before the people for their approval, the objective being an equitable distribution of the greater wealth produced to every man, woman and child in the community.

It may be urged that I am dealing merely in generalities. I do not deny that 1 am speaking in general terms, but I contend that before we can evolve a scheme in detail we must first have a general outline upon which to build. We must pay special attention to the condition of the working people. Those who, at present, are unemployed and on the dole, must be given work at award wages. We are not immediately concerned with a national dividend so much as with proposals to insure that all good Australians, irrespective of their position, shall take part in the great work of developing this country. There is much to be done. If we organized efficiently our financial and industrial resources we could build a railway from Cairns to Perth without imposing any strain upon the financial structure.

Senator Hardy - Does the honorable senator believe in Douglas credit?

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