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Thursday, 10 December 1936

Motion (by Senator SirGeorge pearce) proposed -

That the Senate do now adjourn.

SenatorCOLLINGS (Queensland) [3.24]. - Apropos of your ruling of a few moments ago, Mr. President, I find that Standing Order 137 says -

A question having been proposed may be amended - ( 1 ) By leaving out certain words only; (2) By leaving out certain words in order to insert or add other words; (3) By inserting or adding words.

Senator SirGeorge Pearce - On a point of order, I submit that the honorable senator will not be in order in discussing at this stage your ruling on a previous motion.

The PRESIDENT (Senator the Hon. P. J. Lynch). - That is so, and the Standing Orders also prevent the revival of a question which has already been decided by the Senate.

SenatorCOLLINGS. - I merely wish to emphasize that there has been a desire on the part of the Government this after noon to prevent the Opposition from saying what it desires to say on the subject of the adjournment of the Senate. - With my colleagues of the Opposition,' and other honorable senators, I was on my way to Queensland where I had a political engagement which would have involved my travelling over a considerable area of that State. We were recalled to Canberra, only to find that we are not permitted to express ourselves or to do any business. We are not willing that the Senate should be adjourned from day to day at the whim of the Government, while honorable senators are cooling their heels about the building, with nothing to do of value to the country. We are denied, by the Government, an opportunity to contribute any measure of service to the taxpayers who pay our salaries. I register the objection of the. Opposition to the adjournment of the Senate to an unusual hour and to the tactics adopted by the Government.

Motion (by SenatorFoll) put -

That the question be now put.

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