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Wednesday, 2 December 1936


On the 26th November, Senator Foil asked the Minister representing the Minister for Defence the following questions, upon notice:

1.   What are the schedule times of arrival and departure for regular commercial aircraft on the following air lines: -

(a)   Imperial Airways. - LondonCairoBaghdadKarachi - Calcutta - Singapore :

(b)   Qantas Empire: - SingaporeBataviaSourabayaDarwinBrisbane;

(c   ) K.L.M. - London - Amsterdam -Buda- pest-Cairo-Baghdad - Jhodpur -Ran- goon-Batavia-Sourabaya?

2.   What are the average flying speeds maintained according to schedule in the above commercial air services?

3.   What are the average flying speeds maintained according to schedule on the following American airways: -

(a)   United Airways. - New YorkChicagoSan Francisco;

(b)   T.W.A. - New York-Kansas City -Los Angeles ;

(c)   American Airways. - New YorkMemphisFort Worth-Los. Angeles;

(d)   American Clipper Service.- San FranciscoHonoluluManila ?

4.   Is it correct, as reported in Saturday's press, that the existing flying equipment of Imperial Airways between London and Singapore isnot to be replaced until 1938?

The Minister for Defence has supplied the following answers: -

1.   The scheduled times of arrival and departure of aircraft of the companies mentioned, at present date, are as follow: -

London. - Depart a.m. Wednesday and Saturday.

Cairo. - (Is on the London-Cape Town route).

Alexandria. - Arrive p.m. Friday and Monday; depart a.m. Saturday and Tuesday.

Baghdad. - Arrive p.m. Saturday and Tuesday; depart a.m. Sunday and Wednesday.

Karachi. - Arrive p.m. Monday and Thursday; depart p.m. Monday and Thursday.

Calcutta. - Arrive p.m. Tuesday and Friday; depart a.m. Wednesday and Saturday.

Singapore. - Arrive p.m. Thursday and Sunday.

The flying distance from London to Singapore is 8,393 miles, and journeys are scheduled to be completed in nine days.

Singapore. - Depart6 a.m. Friday and Monday.

Batavia. - Arrive 10.45 a.m. Friday and Monday; depart 11.15 a.m. Friday and Monday.

Sourabaya. - Arrive 2.25 p.m. Friday and Monday; depart 2.55 p.m. Friday and Monday.

Darwin. - Arrive 4.10 p.m. Saturday and

Tuesday; depart 5.45 a.m. Sunday and Wednesday.

Brisbane. - Arrive 12.30 p.m. Monday and Thursday.

The distance of the air route SingaporeBrisbane is 4,361 miles, which isflown in three and one half days.

London. - Depart 7.45 p.m. daily. Amsterdam. - Arrive 9.55 p.m. daily; depart 7.30a.m. Wednesday and Saturday.

Athens. - Arrive 1.15 p.m. Thursday and Sunday; depart 2 p.m. Thursday and Sunday.

Baghdad. - Arrive 4.15 p.m. Friday and Monday; depart 4.45 p.m. Friday and Monday.

Jhodpur. - Arrive 8 p.m. Saturday and Tuesday; depart 5 a.m. Sunday and Wednesday.

Rangoon. - Arrive 5 p.m. Sunday and Wednesday; depart5.45 a.m. Monday and Thursday.

Singapore. - Arrive 5.45 p.m. Monday and Thursday; depart 6 a.m. Tuesday and Friday.

Batavia. - Arrive 10.30 a.m. Tuesday and Friday; depart 11.30 a.m. Tuesday and Friday.

Bandoeng. - Arrive 12 noon Tuesday and Friday.

During the winter months the K.L.M. route is via Marseilles and Rome, and not via Budapest and Cairo. The route distance AmsterdamBatavia is 8,951 miles and scheduled flying time is six and one half days.

2.   The average flying speeds based on scheduled time-tables are as follow: -

QantasEmpire Airways Limited.- The scheduled time-tables provide for an aircraft flying speed of 129½ miles an hour on the Singapore-Brisbane route. During the quarter ended the 30th June, 1936, however, the average flying speed maintained by the company's aircraft on all trips over the route was approximately 133 miles an hour.

K.L.M.- This company employs Douglas DC-2 aircraft along the whole route from Amsterdam to Batavia, and the average flying speed, based on scheduled timetables, is approximately 152 miles an hour.

Imperial Airways.- This company's advertised time-table does not show specific times of commencing and finishing the sections flown each day. Scheduled times of departures and arrivals are shown as morning, afternoon or evening. It is not possible, therefore, to quote "averageflying speed according to schedule ". Several types of aircraft are employed and cruising speeds range from about 88 to 110 miles an hour. It is understood that last week Imperial Airways placed one of the newly-built Empire flying boats on the Mediterranean section and that a further one will be placed in service at an early date. The approximate cruising speed of these new flying boats is believed to be about 145 miles an hour.

3.   Based on the latest available time-tables the following are the average operating 'speeds on the routes named: -

(a)   United Airlines - New YorkChicagoSan Francisco.- Operating Boeing 247-d aircraft. The average operating speeds are -

Eastbound - 172 miles an hour,

Westbound - 144 miles an hour, or an average of 158 miles an hour; the difference in speeds in easterly and westerly directions being due to the average prevailing winds.

(b)   Transcontinental and Western Air, Inc. - New York-Columbus-Kansas City-Los Angeles - Sky Chief service.- Operating Douglas DC-2 aircraft. The average operating speeds over the whole route are -

Eastbound - 105 miles an hour,

Westbound - 153 miles an hour, or an average of 159 miles an hour. It is understood that this company has recently announced new schedules providing increased speeds on this route, but no details are yet to hand.

(c)   American Airlines, Inc. - New YorkMemphisFort Worth-Los Anyeles. -Operating Douglas aircraft. The average operating speeds of these aircraft, based on the latest available time-tables, are -

Douglas DC-2, based on scheduled time-table, operating between Fort Worth and Los Angeles -

Eastbound - 171 miles an hour,

Westbound - 156 miles an hour, or an average of 163.5 miles an hour.

American Airlines, Inc. have recently introduced the new Douglas DST and Douglas DC-3 aircraft on this route, the former type providing a transcontinental night service between New York and Los Angeles with three scheduled stops. Timetables for the service are not yet available, but the cruising speed of the aircraft is approximately 185 miles an hour. (d)P an- American Airways -San Fran- cisco-Honolulu-Manila. - Operating Martin 130 flying boats. No details of the operating times on this service are available, but the aircraft concerned are reported to have a cruising speed of 160 miles an hour at operating altitude.

4.   The position is that Imperial Airways are gradually replacing their existing fleet on the London-Singapore route by more modern aircraft, the first of which, an Empire flying boat, was introduced last week. No details are available as to proposed dates of further replacements, but it is understood that all the present equipment will be replaced by early in 1938.

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