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Friday, 27 November 1936

Senator GUTHRIE (VICTORIA) asked the Minister representing the Minister for the Interior, upon notice -

1.   When will better accommodation be provided for the transport of federal members between Albury and Canberra?

2.   Many members travel by air instead of by rail if they are prepared to pay the increased cost ( if any ) ?

Senator Sir GEORGE PEARCE - The Minister for the Interior has supplied the following answers : -

1.   Two modern coaches are being reconstructed by the Now South Wales Railways Commissioner for the Albury-Canberra service. It is not known when these will he available. The matter is, however, being expedited as much as possible. The question as to whether, ponding completion of these coaches, two more suitable cars can be made available has been taken up with the Minister for Transport for New South Wales.

2.   Regarding the use by members of aeroplanes for other travel within the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth pays to the railway authorities, an amount of £160 per annum for each gold pass issued to- members. In the event of members being permitted to travel by air, it is very doubtful whether the State governments would be prepared to reduce the charge made for these passes. The whole question of members' travel, however, is at present under consideration.

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