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Wednesday, 18 November 1936

The State Government is seriously concerned at the possibility of large importations of Victorian butter into New South Wales and consideration is being given tomeans of preventing dumping of butter in New South Wales. lt was suggested in Government circles last night that the only effective action would be to amend thePure Food Act to enforce a certain standard for imported butter.

The lapse of the marketing powers of the Commonwealth becauseof the Privy Council judgment on section92 of the Commonwealth Constitution has introduced obstacles to orderly marketing of butter, nml members of the State Government fear that unless precautions or measures are taken now it will not be long before Victorian butter becomes a serious problem.

What a state of chaos ! In a country such as Australia we should realize the importance of our overseas trade. The only way to prevent interstate dumping is by giving to the Commonwealth sufficient power to control not only the export trade but also interstate trade, which cannot be satisfactorily or efficiently handled unless the Commonwealth has that power We all are consumers. But in view of the fact that the wage-earners are protected by the awards of arbitration courts, and the manufacturers by the tariffs, the primary producers are surely entitled to the benefits of orderly marketing and a reasonable home-consumption price.

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