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Thursday, 10 September 1936

Senator COLLINGS - Is the Government of the opinion that the danger zone of future wars is the Pacific, and that Japan is Australia's potential enemy there? If so, will it take steps to prevent the export of any further supplies of iron ore from Yampi Sound, or of any ore or scrap iron from any part of the Commonwealth, to Japan?

Senator SIRGEORGE PEARCE.It is extremely inadvisable to suggest, even by way of a question, that Australia has any potential enemies in the Pacific. We trust that all the nations of the Pacific are now, and will continue to be, our friends. If the honorable senator wishes to seek the opinion of the Government regarding .the advisability or otherwise of prohibiting the export of iron ore, or of scrap iron, I suggest that he frame a question without naming any particular country as the destination of the materials. If the question be asked in its present form the Government will refuse to say that Japan or any other country is Australia's potential enemy.

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