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Tuesday, 5 May 1936

Senator DUNCAN-HUGHES -Could we not obtain more of that machinery from Great Britain and less from the United States of America ? Again, cinematograph films costing nearly £270,000 are imported each yearfrom the United States of America. That item also could be reduced. Last year Australia imported from the United States of America sulphur (brimstone) to the value of £186,000, and from Japan supplies costing £71,000. Why should we not buy all our sulphur (brimstone) from Japan, which is a good customer of Australia?

Senator Brown - How do we pay the United States of America for the things we buy from that country?

Senator DUNCAN-HUGHES - The Leader of the Senate (Senator Pearce) has expressed the fear that Australia may find difficulty in paying for them. I know that a sub-committee of Cabinet has been appointed to go into this matter, but even acursory glance reveals directions in which trade could be diverted from the United States of America to countries which are good customers of. Australia. Obviously, the Tariff Board, when submitting its report, had no desire to ruin the agricultural, implement-making industry of this country. My view is that the chief effect of Senator E. B. Johnston's request, if" agreed to, would be to reduce the price of this class of machinery and that the business would still remain in Australia. T. shall therefore support the request.

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