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Friday, 1 May 1936

Senator GUTHRIE (Victoria) .- I was astonished that Senator Leckie should say that the price of maize in Great Britain was only 2s. a bushel. Evidently he has received information which has not come to me. The price of maize in Sydney ranges from 4s. 4d. to 4s. 6d. a bushel, and is likely to rise. Some years ago, when there was an inquiry into the cost of growing maize, it was stated that in Gippsland the cost was 5s. 2d. a bushel. Maize is a crop admirably suited for closer settlement areas, because, being picked by hand, it requires a lot of labour. The industry is a good one for Australia. Should the price of maize rise in Australia, so much the better for this country; but if the price rises here, it may rise in England also. The price of maize available to manufacturers of glucose in Great Britain will not always be 2s. a bushel, even if it is that now. I support the remarks of Senators Leckie and Collings, because I know that most of the maize imported into Great Britain for the manufacture of glucose is grown in South Africa under appalling black labour conditions. The maize growing industry is of value to Australia from the point of view of both the manufacturers and the primary producers.

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