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Friday, 1 May 1936

Senator ARKINS (New South Wales) . - I should like the Minister to tell the committee what was the previous duty. I agree with Senator Leckie that this is an important industry, and that all necessary steps should be taken to protect it. As is well known, glucose is largely used in the manufacture of confectionery, particularly fondants and chocolates; the principal, producer of glucose is MacRobertson, in Melbourne. The chief competitors in the Australian market are the English companies which are financed with American capital, so in essence they are American companies.

Senator Leckie - They established themselves in Great Britain to take advantage of the preferential duties in Empire markets.

Senator ARKINS - That_ is so. Glucose, a by-product of maize, enters largely into the manufacture of barley sugar, a sweetmeat which is much favoured by people suffering from diabetes. It is also claimed that it prevents acidosis in children and adults, and because of its medicinal value, it will, no doubt, be more largely used in the future as a sweetening agent. I agree with other honorable senators that, in the interests of our manse-growers and manufacturers, the situation should be closely watched by the Minister for Trade and Customs, in order to prevent further inroads by overseas competitors.

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