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Friday, 1 May 1936

Question - That the request (Senator Duncan-Hughes's) be agreed to - put. The committee divided. (Chairman - Senator Sampson.)

DIVISION:NOES 18 (6 majority) AYES 12 PAIRS 0

Majority 6





Question so resolved in the negative.

SenatorLECKIE (Victoria) [2.43].- I am surprised that members of the Country party have not seized the opportunity to point out the extreme value of the glucose industry to primary producers. Every year it uses more than 500,000 bushels of maize, and about 12,500 tons of coal. But more particularly it provides a big market for home-grown maize. The price of maize is now 4s. 4d. a bushel, and is hardening ; it has been higher. English glucose is manufactured from maize, which is largely grown in countries employing black labour, and realizes a price of 2s.; therefore, the value of the glucose industry to the maize-growers of Australia can be appreciated. At the moment British glucose can be landed in Australia at about £36 a ton compared with the £32 12s. 6d. for local glucose - a margin of £3 7s. 6d. in favour of the Australian product. In Englandglucose is manufactured by two American companies - Corn Products Limited, Manchester, and Bush House, Aldridge. London.

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