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Wednesday, 29 April 1936

Employees a Record in 1934-35.

The manufacturing industries of Victoria have made steady progress in production from the low levels of 1930-32. More factories arcnow operating than ever before, and the number of persons employed (109,092), exceeds the previous record year (1920-27), by 8,053 says the Government Statist (Mr. Gawler), in a preliminary issue of figures for the year to the 30th June, 1935. Mr. Gawler states that the 1934-35 output value was £110,893,894- an increase of £8,397,584 on the previous year. Production value was £48,473,028, which exceeded the 1933-34 level by £4,27 1,983. There were 9,100 factories in operation, 204 more than in 1933-34, £2,423,005 more was' paid in wages, £3,010,791 more was spent on materials, and 20,937 more persons were gin-" ployed.

I quote that paragraph because Senator Leckie said that there- has been no improvement as a result of the tariff. The statistics show a marked improvement.

Senator Leckie - A good performance.

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