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Friday, 29 November 1935

Gears for Motor Vehicles other than Railway and Tramway Vehicles, viz.: - Crown Wheels and Pinions, Transmission Gears, Differential Gears, Worms and Worni Wheels, Internal Tooth Gears, Jack Shaft Pinions and Flywheel Starter Bands.

Gentlemen's Hunting Pocket Watch Cases and Gentlemen's Open Face Pocket Watch Cases; and Wristlet Watches and Cases therefor except Nickel-Plated, Nickel Alloy, Chromium-Plated and Steel.

Packings, viz.: - Engine and Machinery Gland, Piston and Plunger, consisting principally of Woven Fabric and Rubber vulcanized together without Metal.

Perambulators and Go-carts and Bodies therefor; Wheels and Parts (excepting Parts of Malleable Cast Iron) of Wheels for Perambulators and Go-carts.

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