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Wednesday, 27 November 1935

Senator BRENNAN (Victoria) (Assis- tant Minister) . - I move -

That the amendments be agreed to.

When this bill was previously before the Senate certain alterations suggested by the Government were agreed to, and sent to the House of Representatives for iti concurrence. The Senate desired to provide that each member should hold office during the pleasure of the GovernorGeneral, but the House of Representatives thought that difficulties might arise in the event of a person who was removed from office by the Governor-General still holding office in the State. For instance, should the person holding the- position, of Metropolitan Meat Industry Commissioner in the State of New South Wales be removed from the Meat Board by the Governor-General, but still hold his position in the State, a deadlock would arise, because although a vacancy would have occurred, there would be no means of filling it. The House of Representatives now desires to add at the end of paragraph a the words : " or in the event of that person ceasing, in pursuance of . this section to hold office as a member of the board, such person as is appointed by the GovernorGeneral on the nomination of the Governor in Council of that State ". The proposed amendment will avoid any deadlock. The amendments to paragraphsb, c and d are exactly to the same effect, namely, to remove the possibility of a deadlock being created. The bill, in the form in which it left this chamber, made no provision at all for the filling of a vacancy, but now it is provided that if a delegate is removed by the Governor-General, a successor may be appointed on the nomination of the Government of the State. The explanation of paragraph a. applies equally to paragraphs b, c and d. The object is only to meet a situation that might possibly arise. The principle of the bill is not affected, and I therefore request the Senate to accept the amendments.

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