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Friday, 15 November 1935

Senator COLLINGS (Queensland) . - The members of the Opposition will not oppose the passage of this bill, but they may suggest certain amendments in committee. We are in the same happy position that we were in yesterday. Again we are delighted to find that, although belatedly, the Government has at last been converted to at least one plank of the policy of the Australian Labour party in that it is providing for the effective control of primary production. We believe that if the people of Australia will tolerate this Government sufficiently long its conversion may some day, be complete. Meanwhile we are gratified to find that it is now proceeding along the Labour party's straight and narrow path which leads towards national righteousness and progress. The proposed action of the Government is of special importance to the members of the Opposition, all of whom represent the State of Queensland which produces 90 percent. of the beef exported from Australia.

Senator Hardy - Not 90 per cent.

Senator COLLINGS - Fully 90 per cent. of the beef exported from Australia is produced in Queensland.

Senator Cooper - The honorable senator is perhaps overlooking the fact that supplies from the Northern Territory may be included in that percentage.

Senator COLLINGS - I repeat that 90 per cent. of the beef exported from Australia is grown in Queensland. We are gratified to find that somewhat belatedly the Government recognizes that private enterprise cannot any longer be entrusted with the management of this important primary industry. It has realized with Ruskin that " Competition in all things is anarchy and death, co-operation is in all things harmony and life." The Government now recognizes that competition in this and other similar industries is not in the best interests of the nation.

Senator Hardy - This measure does not control competition.

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