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Friday, 23 March 1928

Senator McLACHLAN (South Australia) (Honorary Minister) , - I move -

That the bill be now read a second time.

This measure is to.' amend the Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act in relation to goods which subsequent to being landed have had false trade descriptions attached to them. The existing law relates only to goods bearing a false trade de scription found in any package or covering, and the amendment is to cover all imported goods found in Australia which bear a false trade description and which, until the contrary is proved, will be deemed to have been imported in contravention of the act. By this means the department will be able to deal with persons who attach false trade descriptions to imported- goods which originally bore a proper trade description. The remaining amendments are of a machinery character and widen the scope of section15 of the principal act, which provides that sections 7 and 11 shall not apply to any goods other than articles of food, medicines, manures, apparel, jewellery, or seeds and plants - hrushware was added in 1926. We are now proposing to add to section 15 " or any other goods specified by proclamation." This will make that section more elastic and enable the department to administer the act more effectively.

SenatorNEEDHAM (Western Australia) [11.12]. - From a cursory glance the measure appears to be of a machinery nature to extend the provisions of the principal act and to afford greater protection in the matter of trade descriptions. TheMinister did not indicate if any offences of the kind mentioned by him have been discovered.

Senator McLachlan - They are not offences as the law stands at present.

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