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Thursday, 22 March 1928

Honorary Minister) [4.51]. - Imove -

That the bill be now read a second time.

This bill covers two provisions of the excise tariff. It dealswith spirits for the manufacture of scents, toilet preparations and essences, and therepealing of the excise duty on starch made from imported rice. In regard to spirits it is proposed to add the words " and essences " after the word " preparation." This amendment is proposed in order that Australian manufacturers of fruit essences may be placed on the same footing as are manufacturers of scents and toilet preparations. It will bring the item into line with the departmental practice. As honorable senators are aware, theduty on imported rice has been increased. Prior to the date of the increase, Australian manufacturers of starch from imported rice obtained their supplies of rice free of duty, but had to pay an excise duty of1d. per pound on their product. Now that rice is dutiable, it is not considered equitable that they should have to pay an excise duty. Provision is therefore made in the bill for the repeal of the excise duty on starch made fromm imported rice. This will mean that any Australian manufacturer of starch from rice will have to obtain his supplies from an Australian source or pay duty on his raw material if it is imported.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Bill read a second time and reported from committee without request.

Report adopted.

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