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Thursday, 22 March 1928

Senator PAYNE (Tasmania) .- I was waiting for Senator Chapman to advance reasons why the bill should be recommitted. He did not do so. He merely asked the Minister for an explanation, and said that if it was not satisfactory to him he would move that the duties be reduced^ Until we hear the ground for his motion we are -not in a position to judge whether it should be agreed to. If the honorable senator had given his reasons I might have been prepared to support him. Unfortunately, Senator Chapman having spoken, cannot speak again other 'than to close the debate. I shall therefore have to wait until he speaks again before I can decide, what attitude I shall adopt towards his motion.

Senator Duncan - Senator . Chapman would not have been in order in giving his reasons.

Senator PAYNE - We cannot decide the merits of the motion until we know the reason for it. If the honorablesenator can make out a good case I have no doubt that the Senate will agree to his motion. All that we know now is that Senator Chapman has received a letter from the Stockowners' Association of South Australia protesting against certain duties ; but we do not know the reason underlying the protest.

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