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Wednesday, 21 March 1928

Senator HOARE (South Australia) . - It is to be regretted that we have not more knowledge of an industry which, Senator Duncan has informed us, has been in existence in Australia for some years. I wish to assist that industry and. also the one referred to by Senator Payne. Unfortunately, until to-night we knew nothing of the fur manufacturers in New South Wales,, and do not know whether they are struggling for existence or are on - a satisfactory footing. I feel sure that if honorable senators had the whole of the facts before them they would be just as anxious to safeguard the New South Wales industry as they are to encourage the industry in which Senator Payne is interested. I doubt, however, if the duties asked for are high enough. I believe the overseas firms will make a determined attempt to crush the industry by cutting the price of the imported furs. In all probability we shall discover later that the duty which is now proposed by Senator Payne is not sufficiently high. It is well known that Australian industries can manufacture only enough to provide for local consumption. Those who are engaged in this industry will doubtless make every endeavour to capture the Australian market. I wish them every success, and hope that their industry will grow. It is astonishing that they have not asked sooner for a duty.

Senator Ogden - They tried to establish the industry without., a duty.

Senator HOARE - The Government has not shown a way out of the difficulty. I should like Senator Duncan to state how both of these industries can be assisted. I am prepared to vote for Senator Payne's request, and if the proposed duty is not sufficiently high, I shall support an increase.

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