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Wednesday, 14 March 1928

Mr GREENE (NEW SOUTH WALES) - What is the price per 1,000 super feet?

Senator CHAPMAN - For 4x2 timber up to 32 feet it is £6 10s. 6£d. c.i.f. Port Adelaide.

Mr GREENE (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Is that the duty paid price?

Senator CHAPMAN - That is the c.i.f. price per 1,000 feet. For 6 x 6 timber, up to 40 feet, the price is £6 2s. 3d. per 1,000 feet super, delivered c.i.f. Port Adelaide, and if we deduct freight and insurance amounting to £2 19s. lid., the net price is £3 2s. 4d. per 1,000 feet delivered f.o.b. Duty at 9s. 6d. per 100 super, feet is £4 15s. per 1,000 feet, which is equal to 152 per cent, on the f.o.b. cost.

Mr GREENE (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Is the honorable senator referring to running or super feet?

Senator CHAPMAN - I am referring to the cost and showing that the increase on 6 x 6 timber is 152 per cent, on the f.o.b. price.

Mr GREENE (NEW SOUTH WALES) - Is the price based on lineal or super, feet?-

Senator CHAPMAN - That does not matter; it is a question of cost. It has been said in this chamber that there has been a tremendous increase in importations as compared with 1920-21. That, however, was an abnormal year, owing to the scarcity of shipping after the war. The Tariff Board would not accept the figures for that year as average figures, and in its report it takes 1911-13, and 1924- 25-26 as normal years. . Taking those years, we find that in 1912 the importations totalled 445,000,000 feet, and in 1913, 456,000,000 feet. For the remaining, normal years to which I have referred, the figures were, 1923-24, 44.1,000,000; 1924-25, 402,000,000; 1925- 26, 499,000,000; and 1926-27, 465,000,000. Honorable senators will see that the importations of 1912 and 1913 approximate those of the last three years, and that there has not been any great increase. Although the population has largely increased we find that the timber importations - have been practically stationary. The figures par capita for 1912 and 1913 were 93.33; whilst for 1924-25, they were 67.16; for 1925-26, S2.68 ; and for 1926-27, 75.50. -

The CHAIRMAN (Senator Plain).The honorable senator has exhausted his time.

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