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Wednesday, 14 March 1928

Senator CHAPMAN (South Australia) . - I indicated earlier in the debate on this item that if the request on which we have just divided were negatived, I would move for a general reduction in the flat rates of duty. In view, however, of the discussion which has taken place, I propose to limit my request to a. reduction in the British preferential rate, and to allow the intermediate and general tariffs to remain as they are. I therefore move -

That the House of Representatives be requested to make the duty (flat rate), sub-item (a), 4s., British preferential tariff.

I am particularly interested in socks of British manufacture made of cotton and wool, the invoice price of which is8s. a dozen, and the flat rate on which is approximately 75 per cent. In connexion with other exhibits of children's socks which I submitted, the invoice price is 5s. 9d. a dozen, and the Sat rate of duty being 6s. per dozen, is over 100 per cent. I have submitted "this request, because I believe a number of honorable senators are opposed to increasing the duties against British manufacturers from 30 per cent, to more than 100 per cent. If we impose higher duties against British manufacturers, we shall not be assisting that imperial sentiment which we desire to foster.

Senator Findley - I rise to a point of of order. I maintain that having negatived the request moved by Senator Payne, the committee cannot now reduce the duty from 6s. to 4s. as suggested by Senator Chapman.

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