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Wednesday, 14 March 1928

Senator McLACHLAN (SOUTH AUSTRALIA) (Honorary Minister) - On the 9th inst., Senator Guthrie addressed the following . questions to the Minister representing the Postmaster-General : -

1.   Howmany motor cars and/or trucks are owned by the department?

2.   How many of such cars and/or trucks arc in part or whole of other than British manufacture ?

I am now in a position to furnish the following particulars : -

1.   Motor cars, 32; motor trucks and vans, 237.

2.   Country of manufacture. - Motor cars - 4 British, 18 Canadian, 10 foreign; motor trucks and vans - 47 British, 182 Canadian, 8 foreign. With the exception of one British car ( the body of which was imported from England with the vehicle by the agents), the bodies of all the vehicles were built in Australia. In the case of many of the vehicles - British, Canadian, and foreign - a certain amount of assembling was done in Australia.

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