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Friday, 9 March 1928

Senator CRAWFORD (QueenslandHonorary Minister) . - Ii> 1924- 1925 the imports from the United Kingdom of knitted cotton piece-goods in tubular form amounted in value to £88,665, and from Japan £23,555, making a total of £112,220. In 1925-1926 the imports from the United Kingdom were £90,531, and from other countries, £80,091, a total of £170,622. In 1926- 1927 the imports from the United Kingdom totalled £93,345, and from other countries £157,554. The imports under the heading "Other countries," were chiefly from Japan, and they increased in two years from £23,555 to £157,554. That is to say in 1926-1927 they were more than six times greater than in 1924-1925. The total importations of these goods increased from £112,220 in 1924-1925 to £250,899 in 1926-1927.

Senator Payne - I am not interested in foreign goods. What is the approximate value of the British material?

Senator CRAWFORD - I admit that I cannot at the moment give definite information regarding the value of the goods that come from Great Britain; but they are certainly of a better class than the Japanese goods, which are chiefly cotton. From Great Britain we receive woollen goods, materials that are -a mixture of cotton and wool, and, iri some cases, silk and artificial silk. The ad valorem duty on these goods is considerable, and the only way to give adequate protection to the Australian manufacturer is to accept the proposals now submitted.

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