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Friday, 9 March 1928

Senator PAYNE (Tasmania) .- It is proposed that, in sub-item (a.a.), the duties on piece-goods, knitted, in tubular form or otherwise, of cotton, silk or containing silk, artificial silk or containing artificial silk, or being an admixture of wool with other fibres, shall be as follow : -

1.   For the manufacture of goods other than apparel,! as prescribed by departmental bylaws, ad. val. - British preferential, free; intermediate, 5 per cent; general, 15 per cent.;

2.   Other, ad val. - British preferential, 30 per cent.; intermediate, 40 per cent.; general, SO per cent. ;

3.   Or, per lb. - British preferential, 2s. 0d.; intermediate, 3s.; general, 4s., whichever rate returns the higher duty.

Will the Minister explain the effect that the proposed new duties will have in view of the fact that alternative rates are proposed ? We should be informed as to how a flat rate of 2s. 6d. per lb. would operate in comparison with an ad valorem duty of 30 per cent.

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