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Thursday, 8 March 1928

Mr GREENE (NEW SOUTH WALES) . - Believing that by supporting our secondary industries we should, assist our primary industries, I originally introduced a tariff providing for a duty on glucose. The whole of the arguments in this debate have been based on the assumption that glucose is the only product of maize. But besides glucose, corn flour, starch and oil are obtained from maize. In this item we are dealing only with glucose. Senator Ogden said , that although the price of maize had increased by only 20 per cent, the manufacturers of glucose applied for a 55 per cent, increase in the duty. I remind the honorable senator that the quantity of glucose obtained from maize is, if my memory serves me rightly only about. 13 per cent, of the raw material. A 20 per cent, increase in the duty on glucose 'would not cover a 20 per cent, increase in the price of maize.

Senator Ogden - I said that the increase in the price of maize was only 20 per cent; yet the manufacturers of glucose asked for- a 55 per cent, increase in the duty.

Mr GREENE (NEW SOUTH WALES) - I have grown maize, and know something about the subject.

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