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Thursday, 8 March 1928

Senator OGDEN (Tasmania) .- The example before us is one which tends to bring the protectionist policy into disrepute. Senator Reid said that in this matter I represented a "lolly shop." I could retort equally offensively, but as that would be discourteous, I shall not do so. I wish to make it clear, however, that at no time haveI been approached by persons interested in this item.

Senator Reid - I did not infer that the honorable senator had been approached by interested persons, nor did I say that he represented a " lolly shop."

Senator OGDEN - I take the stand that to increase the duty on glucose still further would be to place a dangerous power in the hands of a monopoly, enable ing that monopoly to squeeze out its competitors in the confectionery business and also to injure the producers of maize. In 1925 an increased duty of 6s. a cwt. was applied for, notwithstanding that at that time the glucose manufacturers of Australia supplied 92 per cent. of the home market. Seeing that they already had practically the whole field to themselves, there was no need for a further duty.

Senator Reid - Then why did they approach the Tariff Board for increased duties ?

Senator OGDEN - They said that increased duties would enable them to capture the whole of the market. They professed that their object was not to increase the price of glucose) but immediately the duty was increased by 3s. a cwt., the price of glucose went up. The increase was passed on to the consumer.

Senator Guthrie - Was not the rise in the price of glucose due to the drought having increased the price of maize to 7s. per bushel ?

Senator OGDEN - The price of maize rose from 4s. lid. to, 5s. 6d. per bushel, or 20 per cent. ' To counteract that increase an application for additional duties amounting to 55 per cent, was made.

Senator Reid - What is the present price of glucose as compared with the price at that time ?

Senator OGDEN - I do not know. One Tasmanian firm which purchases large quantities of glucose from Maize Products Proprietary Limited, also purchases glucose from America in order to have two sources of supply.

Sitting suspended from 6.15 to 8 p.m.

Private business talcing precedence after 8 p.m.,

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