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Wednesday, 14 December 1927

Message received from the House of Representatives intimating that it had agreed to the Senate's amendment in this bill subject to an amendment.

Ordered- That the message be taken into consideration forthwith.

In committee(Consideration of House of Representatives' message) :

Clause 8 (Management) -

Senate's Amendment.- At the end of proposed new section 35e add the following proviso: - "Provided that, until the appointment of of the Commission -

(a)   the Savings Bank shall be managed by the Board of the Bank; and

(b)   for the purposes of this Part, and of the Commonwealth Housing Act 1927, the Governor shall have all the powers and functions of the Chief Commissioner, and the Board shall have all the powers and functions of the Commission; and

(c)   all references in this Fart (excepting in sections 35k to 35n inclusive) and in the Commonwealth Housing Act 1927 to the Chief Commissioner or to the Commission shall be read as references to the Governor or the Board as the case may be.".

House of Representatives' Message.- Agreed to with the following amendment: -

After "Commission" (first occurring) insert ", which shall only be appointed upon a resolution passed by both Houses of the Parliament approving such appointment".

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